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A model of a moving wheel on a rail

    • Cezary Ciesielski


      I am in the process of modeling a wheel moving on a rail surface. I want to analyze the deflection of the rail under a wheel moving at different speeds.
      I tried to do it in explicit dynamics and in transient structural but the results didn't look right.
      The model consists of a beam placed on the ground (bonded contact) and a wheel placed on the beam (frictionless contact). The material of the wheel has a selected density so that, together with gravity, it acts on the beam with a force of 112.5 kN. The whole is fixed on the bottom plane of the ground.
      In the results, I care about the amount of displacement of the beam under the moving wheel depending on the different speeds of this wheel.
      I have attached a photo of the model.
      Which solver to choose and what to pay attention to when entering settings. Please help.

      Thank you.
    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator



      You can use a transient analysis. Define velocity along the direction of motion. That should be sufficient.



      Ashish Khemka

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