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    • Jimmyhan


      I am Jimmy.

      I have stayed in this community for a long time.

      I found some guys comment is very important to my learning.

      I really like to read them all.

      For example, I am interested in  Peteroznewman comments

      How can I search all topics he pasted in this community?

      By the way, which subsection can I paste such common discussion like this?

      Thank you!


    • Karthik R

      Hello Jimmy,

      Thank you very much for your comments and I am glad that you are finding this community useful for learning. I am going to move your post to the 'Site Feedback' thread.

      The best way to search for a particular person is to use his / her signature. For example, if you are looking to read through peteroznewman's post, please search for 'Peter'  in the Search bar.

      I hope this helps. Thanks again for your interest in this community and I hope that it continues to benefit you.

      Best Regards,


    • peteroznewman

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for the compliment!

      Karthik mentioned the site search tool, which I don't find that useful.

      I learned that Google crawls this site to build an index and you can ask Google to show you only hits that came from this site.  Here is one way to find all the posts I have made that Google has found: use the search string 

         "peteroznewman posted"

      and you will find 36 pages of results that have links to my postings.

      Best regards,


    • Jimmyhan

      Peter, thank you for your reply, you always give me a different angle. It is really helpful. Thank Karthik reply too, but Peter is right, I have tried your suggestion but...Maybe the community should update this, for example, try to list all topics people pasted when others check their information.

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