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A question about the computer configuration that can satisfy the best performanc

    • Byeongchul Lee
      I'm building a computer system that performs great. I have a few questions.
      1. Is Intel's Xeon series the best CPU?
      2. Is more RAM better?
      3. As for the graphics card, can I apply a lower specification if I don't do 3d interpretation?
      Thank you.
      (Please recommend the most expensive product.)
    • Ivonne Marti
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Byeongchul,
      I would recommend to use a tested and supported by Ansys components. You can find all the information for the release 2023R1 in https://www.ansys.com/it-solutions/platform-support.
      If you are using a previous release, you can find the information in https://www.ansys.com/it-solutions/platform-support/previous-releases

      Regarding your last question, any supported graphic card will work perfectly for 2D and/or 3D.
      Thank you

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