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A question Reaction Force

    • giacat46

      Dear community!

      Please guide me how to determine the reaction force when object 2 move and clamp to object 1. My purpose is the determination of the clamping force when moveable object 2 moves to object 1 without displacement in there. 

      Thank you so much!


    • peteroznewman

      There is more than one way to obtain this information, here is one way.

      Insert a fixed joint in the Connection folder to connect the cylinder with the fixed tip of the gripper. Make sure the joint coordinate system is at the center of the cylinder. You can do that by picking the two ends of the cylinder as the Reference objects of the Fixed Joint, then pick the face of the fixed gripper as the Mobile side of the Fixed joint. This assumes the cylinder and fixed finger of the gripper are separate bodies and there is no bonded contact between them.

      Define a Frictional Contact between the cylinder and the moving face of the gripper.

      Insert a Joint Probe into the Solution and you can request the Total Force going through the Fixed Joint.

      What are you using to move the moveable finger?  A force or a displacement?  Where is that applied?

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