General Mechanical

General Mechanical

A solver pivot warning or error has been detected in the ROTY degree of freedom of node 1760769 loca


    • Mahmoud_Darwish

      Dear Sir

      I face a problem with degree of freedom.

      I have attached the file for your reference

    • Rameez_ul_Haq
      ,a solver pivot error basically means that you don't have any resistance along one or more axis, either for translation or rotation (or both) for the structure. A static solver requires the system model to be constrained in all the directions, so that it can solve statically. Otherwise, the structure becomes dynamic upon application of loads and static solver is not capable of solving it.
      Try to conduct a modal analysis first of this model. Plot the mode shapes which show zero (or near-zero) frequencies. In this way, you will understand in which directions the structure is undergoing a Rigid Body motion. Then try constraining the model in that direction (which essentially means providing a stiffness along those directions) and then re-conduct the analysis. It will then solve hopefully.
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