About a symmetric Bubble Growth

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      Respected experts I hope you are fine.I am working on simulation of bubble growth in a super heated domain to compare it with actual experimental results.I am using lees model for phase change and vof method for interface tracking.Now coming to experiment the actual experiment is performed in a rectangular glass cell.

      On this forum I was recommended to perform 3d simulation by using symmetrical condition but it would be too heavy for the system that I am operating and would take a lot of time of mine. So I moved on to 2-d planer but still it consume a lot of time as well. As I am refining the mesh to avoid interface disturbance.I would like to enquire whether we can use the symmetric condition in 2-d simulation as well. Like the 2-d axi-symmetric which are done for 3-d circular geometries.I would be thankful for any kind of suggestions.

      Thank You

    • DrAmine
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      1/Use 2D Axissymmetric. If not possible to use axissymmetry than only 3D. You can use symmteric planar boundaries.

      2/You need to use UDF for mass transfer if you are using VOF.

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