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About Creating User-Defined Hyperelastic Materials With APDL Commands

    • xdw939

      I am using APDL commands to customize a hyperelastic material to simulate heart valve tissue. 

      The figure is the equation of the material law, which is an isotropic, exponential hyperelastic material law: The Material Laws

      And this is the explanation of each parameters:

      Here are my questions:

      1. I have read some previous scripts, they used TB, a,b,c,d... and TBDATA, i, j, k, l,... to create the material laws in APDL commands, what does each parameter, like a,b,c, d, i, j, k, l mean during calculation? How would computer use these parameters to calculate? 

      2. If I want to define a new material law just like exponential hyperelasticity, which is not a default function in ANSYS itself, how can I do it?



    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      to answer your question 1

      please check:


      Guidelines on the Student Community

      How to access ANSYS help links


    • xdw939

      Thank you, Aniket.

      But I still have questions, For example, I define it like this using command, like:



      How would the parameter C, alpha and D defined by using TBDATA? Is that C=A1,alpha=A2,D=A3 or C=A2,alpha=A3,D=A1? 

      In other models, they are clearly specified, like :

      However, in the TB,USER command, it is not clearly stated.



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