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About D-ring sealing simulate by Ansys workbench machanical 2021R2

    • yi chen

      When I add pressure,there are many errors,then if I don't add pressure,it can solve successfully。
      The material of D-ring is HNBR,other two parts are structural steel. The contact set as below pic,The mesh set as below pic The analyse set as below pic. Can you help me? If you need,I can supply the model file.Thank you very much.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator


      Can you try using a Normal Lagrange formulation with small sliding turned off? Also, why do you need such a fine mesh next to the D-ring? What if you have a mesh similar to the D-ring on the c-sectioned portion?

      Ansys employees cannot download the model. But may be other members can comment.



      Ashish Kumar

      • yi chen

        where do you mean c-sectioned portion? I have try with normal lagrange and small sliding turn off,there no effect.If you need,I can send my model to you with mail.Thank you very much.

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