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About error when using Structural Workbench!

    • Nguyen Van Toan

      Hello every one,

      I used Static Structural Module in Workbench to simulate thermal deformation caused by imported body temperature. Number of steps is 500 coressponding to 500 imported files ( I used External Data to import temperature profiles). When simulating with less than 50 steps it succesfully works. But when number of steps larger than 50, error occurs as shown in the image below and the program is shutdown. How can I solve this problem? Thank you so much.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
      nnThis error is generally seen when the model crashes or gets corrupted. If you are facing the same error again and again then the model might be corrupted and you might need to restore the model.nnCan you try to recover your project: In your project folder there should be a SYS.mechdb file for Analysis object that was on the schematic ( the location for .mechdat is indicated in error message). - Make a copy of SYS.mechdb to another folder Rename the copy to SYS.mechdat Create a new Project. File > Import change the extension filter to .MECHDAT Browse to the SYS.mechdat and this for each .mechdb you have.Save the project to a new name/folder when you are done.nOnce you solve the model then please save the model first.nnRegards,nAshish Khemkan
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