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About farfield projection

    • Yerin Han

      I made a model to watch how a light(by dipole source) propagate along the material(red one) like below picture.


      I set 'the frequency domain field and power' monitors at intervals of 50nm.

      However when I show the farfield result of each monitor, results are not the same.

      I wonder what makes the difference between each monitors?

      I thought monitors are in vaccum so the results might be the same in farfield....

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Later please post your question to Photonics forum, not here the Optical forum as this Optical forum is specifically for SPEOS products.

      It is correct in physics that the farfields form different monitors are not the same: the further the monitor is, the less collection of large propagatio angles, and dipole radiates in 4pi space.

      you will need to make sure the monitor is close enoug to the front surface, and large enough to pick up as large angle radiation as possible. For some dipole polarization , you may not be able to pick all the fields since its radiation is at maximum +-90deg. In such case you cannot have an accurate farfield.

      You can  check the field intensity using log scale and see if the field intensity is close to zero at the edges. To get accurate farfield, they should be close to zero, if not zero, to fullfil the requirement of far field projection.


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