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    • amin009

      Hello, I'm currently working on flow through porous media with heat transfer, and I'd like to know how to change the material of the porous zone?

      My material is steel granules..and in fluent,the only materials possible for the porous zone is not solid!

      Any help will be appreciated 🙏.

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      For modelling the flow through the porous zones, viscous and inertial resistance need to specified. However, as you are also solving for heat transfer, make sure to turn the energy equation 'On'. By doing this, an additional 'Heat Transfer Settings' appear in the porous zones settings where you can specify the material. I hope this helps.

      Please refer to the link for more information : 7.2.3. Porous Media Conditions (ansys.com)

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