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About setting of boundary condition of fluid simulation

    • fuyu-m

      I am doing fluid simulation with Discovery Live.


      When I create a fluid area by checking "Create fluid volume for:" by external flow analysis, the boundary conditions other than "Flow Velocity", "Ground Plane" and "Pressure" automatically become "Slip Symmetry ".


      · Question
      Can I change the boundary condition automatically set from "Slip Symmetry" to any boundary condition such as "Pressure"?
      (I'd like to know if you can change the default setting to automatically set "Pressure" instead of manually changing "Slip Symmetry" which was set automatically.)


      Thank you.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hi  Wintercat

      It is not possible to change the default boundary conditions that are generated.

      • fuyu-m

        Subashni , Thank you very much.

        I will consider posting in the section.

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