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    • teddie smith
      I ran 3 sweeps. I confirmed that all the files for each simulation were created, 
      but the sweep in my simulation file is not marked as complete, so I cannot visualize it.
      What could be the reason for this? Each simulation is done, and each file is created, so I can only check each result.
      But i need to be able to visualize to get image result. Do I have to redo all the sweeps in this case?
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Sometimes this can happen without obvious cause. Most of the time you do not need to redo the sweep.

      What you can do is:

      close the pop up window and visualize the sweep result: place the mouse on the sweep object, right click it, choose the result you want to visualize.

      Do you know that even the file is closed and you can reopen, and reload the sweep result? as long as the sweep folder and the swept files stay the same, you can open the file, place the mouse on the sweep object and reload the swept result.


      Please try.

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