About target phase and calculate RCP to LCP conversion efficiency of metasurface

    • Dang Du Nguyen

      How we can generate target phase and calculate right circular polarization (RCP) to left circular polarization (LCP) conversion efficiency of metasurface ? 

      I am trying to reproduce the simulation data in this paper below, for example Figure 2, 4, 5. But I could not know where I can start from to simulate ? (I am a beginner !!!)

      They use this structure to simulate, and is that table S2 come from phase calculation ? that why they can build up the metalen based on the nanostructure. (This is the paper that I will reproduce the simulation data.)

      I am looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

      Thank you so much !!!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      There are several steps to design a metalens:

      1: understand how does it work

      2: know what the lens performace, eg a spherical or a cylinder wavefront

      3: design the unit cell to create a phase change from 0 to pi or -pi to pi

      4: test the whole metalens.

      Please refer this article:

      Duplicating other's results can be very challenge in many cases, since you may not be able to have all their design and simulation information. Please refer this post: 

      Ansys Insight: Why my simulation result is different from published paper or experiment?

      Since you are a bignner, please do this step by step, and write new posts for each question. I am sure you can quickly do your own design soon.



    • Dang Du Nguyen

      Thank you Guilin Sun :)), I appreciate your help.

      I will start the design based on your recommendation.

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