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General Mechanical

About the different in the harmonic response analysis of workbench

    • uwindsorspz
      Hello all,
      I am using the harmonic response of the workbench to analyze the vibration of the electric machine.
      After I import the remote load, it shows the different numbers of the forces. 
      For example, I draws 72 polylines in the airgap of ansys EM models and I set up them for "Enable for force harmonic calculation". But in the workbench, when I select all the stator tooth tip for loading the forces. It gives me 1080 forces there.
      Does anyone meet the similar situation before? Could I ask what's the reason of it and how to solve it?

      Thanks a lot.

    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello uwindsorspz,

      Looks like your problem is still somewhat unclear. Will you please clarify more for : draws 72 polylines in the airgap of ansys EM models?

      Will you try to do simple force balance calculation for this?



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