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About the exceeding of coulandt number in VOF simulation calculation

    • hmily

      Using dynamic grid adaptive function to capture and VOF model in horizontal gas liquid jet in the process of the interface, because need a high precision capture the gas-liquid interface and coordination level 3 adaptive grid refinement, using liquid phase fraction gradient as encryption standards, which makes the local appear more sophisticated encryption grid, the courant number will overrun, suspension,At this point, the time step has reached the magnitude of 10E-9.The coulandt number criterion adopted here is: the global Coulandt number is 2;The time step adopts the adaptive time step.

      How to deal with the relationship between grid adaptive level and Courant number to make it more balanced?Thank you very much!

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Basically, it sounds like the flow speed is very high relative to the cell size so the time step keeps dropping. If you look at the refined mesh, how long does it take the flow to cross that cell? Roughly, I know it's a range of values.
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