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General Mechanical

About the negative value of SPL obtained from Harmonic acoustic function

    • uwindsorspz
      Hello all Thanks for your time.
      I am using the harmonic acoustic function of workbench and try to get the simulated SPL values.
      But it shows me the negative values of it. Is that normal? What does the negative value mean or if there is any mistake about my operation or model?
      Thanks for all your support and time.
      I attached the screenshot for your review and comments.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      See the definition of sound pressure level - so if the acoustic pressure (calculated) is below the reference pressure (in air: 20 ╬╝Pa) then it can become negative. So look at the acoustic pressure results and you will see values smaller than : 20 ╬╝Pa.

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