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    • berkay.neseli

      Hello everyone,

      I have 2 questions related to topology optimization;

      1) is it possible to use another source like gaussian or plane rather than mode source? if yes, how?

      2)when I try to run an optimization which involves 2 different script files, because I have to use different source locations, I get the following error. how can I fix it?

      Thank you.



    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee



      1) It is possible to use a Gaussian or plane wave source, but the figure of merit needs to be the power in mode. This is a bit of an aside, but the adjoint source needs to be a mode source, which is not fundamental to the adjoint method, but the way lumopt is implemented is limited to guided mode photonics.

      2)I think when using co-optimization you can use two separate scripts if needed to create two different set-ups, or specify the sources separately.

      To make two files with different set-ups simply pass differnt scripts to the opt class, using the script_name parameter, for the second use the source_name parameter.

      See Optimization section




    • berkay.neseli

      Hello, thank you so much for your reply. The error I shared is solved I think but now I keep getting assertion error. What can be the reason for that? I couldn't find any source about it so I'd appreciate if you can help.

      Best regards.

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