Abrupt Transition Between Inflation Layer and Core Mesh; Hole in Mesh

    • Mitchell Durbin


      I am meshing a 2D axisymmetric TOP nozzle and its surroundings. For my project, it is important that the nozzle wall has inflation layers to accurately predict turbulent boundary layer seperation. I would also like to keep the mesh outside of the nozzle relatively coarse.

      As a result, there is an abrupt transition between the inflation layers inside the nozzle and the mesh outside of the nozzle at the nozzle exit plane. As of now, ANSYS Meshing is not meshing this region at all. 

      I would like to know how to force Meshing to mesh this region, even though I know it will result in highly-skewed cells.

      I am also open to hearing more advanced techniques or strategies to ensure that this region will not have highly-skewed cells.

    • peteroznewman

      In SpaceClaim or DesignModeler, draw a tangent line from the end of the nozzle out into the open domain to split the open domain into two faces. That way you can continue the inflation layer out into the open domain. You can even add inflation on the upper side of that new split line in the open domain.

      Also, the solid that makes up the nozzle wall does not end in a knife edge the way you have drawn it.  Offset the vertical edge upward by the wall thickness and add a small vertical line at the exit plane of the nozzle to represent the wall thickness.

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