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Absence of laser power parameter in Ansys 2022 Am module

    • mian imran

      Hia: i am using Am module in ansys 2022. in Ansys 2022 and other versions too, Laser power is not there. As from the literature, laser power is an important parameter, and not including that factor leads to untrustable results. I need help from anyone who has any idea how to bring laser power as part of your calculation along with laser velocity, hatch spacing, and deposition thickness in ansys Am module. will be really thank full for that guidance.

    • Atharv Joshi
      Forum Moderator

      Hi mian imran ,

      This ANSYS Discovery Community Forum is specifically for seeking help on ANSYS Discovery products. Please post it on ANSYS Customer Portal or Ansys Learning Forum based on the type of license that you have.

      Thanks and Regards

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