Absorbance, transmittance and reflectance values in discrete 3D space

    • yrong5

      Dear Advanced Ansys HFSS users:

      I just started learning Ansys if I am asking something wrong please let know. 

      Currently I am working on a project trying to understand RF waves (6 - 8 GHz and 60 GHz) interaction with layered human body. 

      There are two questions our customer is longing to know,

      1) penetration depth  2) which body parts comtributing most to the signal return

      Based on the requirements, I think we should use transmittance for 1) and reflectance for 2). Seems aborbance is for SAR type analysis and is not a immediately concern for us.

      Given the RF source, phantom model and discretized 3D space, will the HFSS provide the three parameters: absorbance, transmittance and reflectance values?

      Free feel to lecture me if I am totally wrong, 

      Thanks in advance. 





    • Charlotte Blair
      Ansys Employee

      Hello yrong5,

      I would think that Specific absorption rate (SAR) which is the rate that EM energy is absorbed by the tissue is an important value to know. The signal that is absorbed or reflected is fully depenedent on the transmitted signal and the material tissue it encounters. Depending on the level of analysis you are doing you can use a generic phantom or purchase more complex human body models for use inside of HFSS. The purchased human body models differ by complexity - how much model geometry detail or tissue detail you are interested in. In short yes HFSS will supply you with absorbance, transmittance and reflectance results. 



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