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Absorber and Emitter

    • Samira Mehrabi


      I have an urgent need for my project, would you please help me. 

      I've simulated a metamaterial solar absorber by FDTD of Lumerical. As we know based on kirchhoff law this absorber can act as an emitter and radiate heat, now I want to know how can I convert the metamaterial absorber which I already have to an emitter and calculate the near field and far field radiation for that?I maen is there an analyzer in lumerical for that?



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry to reply you late due to some circumstances.

      We do not use any kind of analyzer. Instead, as you mentioned, based on Kirchhoff law, we simulate the absorption to mimic its radiation: 

    • Samira Mehrabi

      thank you so much for your response. What I'm looking for that is the radiation based on the distance from the emitter. would you please provide me some recommends in thsi area. 


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