AC Sweep along with Parametric Sweep for tuning Wireless power transfer circuit in Simpoler

    • htoiyob

      I have been trying to simulate wireless power transfer application using Ansys Electronic Desktop. I designed the coil model and ran it successfully. Then I designed a circuit in simpoler to tune the model through capacitive coupling. For that I had to run both AC sweep and Parametric Capacitance sweep simultaneously. (Yes i could change the value of Capacitance each time, but that is not a good practice i assume).

      I Selected optimetric setup and set Cr(The receiving end capacitance value) to a table of data. But as I run the simulation it only shows graph for the nominal value.

      How can i resolve this issue to run the whole batch of capacitance in the AC sweep?

    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee
      Right mouse click on ParametricSetup1->View Analysis Result..

      Select parametric sweep result->Apply

      Right mouse click on result plot->Modify Report
      Family tab->...->Use all Values->Apply trace

      Here are all swept results:

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