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Academic EnSight can’t find feature

    • tkollar

      I support a small group running ANSYS academic software and licenses. We've been told repeatedly by our ANSYS reps that we should be able to run EnSight without a new license key, even though there's currently no EnSight feature in the file. However, with the 2019r3 license manager and academic Fluid Structures software installed, EnSight finds the license manager, but is unable to find the capability:

      Capability ANSYS EnSight does not exist in the ANSYS licensing pool. None of the products
      enabling this capability are available in the specified license path

      Fluent from the same installation runs just fine. I have ENSIGHT10_LM=ansys, so it's not looking for the slim8 key. Here is the list of features in our current file:

      Feature                         Version     #licenses    Expires      Vendor
      _______                         _________   _________    __________   ______
      aa_mcad                         9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      aa_r_cfd                        9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      afsp_gui                        9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      afsp_optigrid                   9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      afsp_viewmerical                9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      aim_mp1                         9999.9999    25          30-sep-2019  ansyslmd
      aa_r_hpc                        9999.9999    1024        30-sep-2019  ansyslmd

      Am I missing something? We were most recently told by our ANSYS rep to post here as a means of getting support.


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi tkollar,

      You understand it correctly. These license features won't work with Ensight.

      Let me reach out to you directly, then you can provide me the ANSYS rep contact and your Account number.



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Resolution: Reissue the license file as it did not include any ensight*** license features.

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