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Access standard Fluent variables such as pressure, density u velocity..

    • nselvara
      Ansys Employee

      Open the current copy of the ANSYS Help documentation and perform a search on "Cell Macros". It will show you Cell Macros under Data Access Macros as shown in attached image. This chapter contains some useful tables of common data access macros and their syntax.

    • sdarmayuda

      Dear Mr. Ganore,

      Do you know how to access other variables such as torque? I have made a surface on my blade. And I can show the value of the torque working on the surface with axis X as the center. And now I would like to know how to access this torque and put into my UDF so I can modify the rotational velocity per timestep. I have tried to search on Cell Macros and also Face Macros. But I cant any related to torque. Or the torque must be obtained manually by calculating the pressure on the surface multiplied by the surface area and the length to the axis of rotation? Thank you very much.

      Best regards,

      Darma Yuda

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