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Access the results of different design points within Mechanical

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Is it possible to access the results of different design points within Mechanical?

    • Arun
      Ansys Employee

      Yes. Follow the procedure below; 1. Close Mechanical Window. 2. Open the Parameter Set Window 3. Right Click on desired Design Point Name in the Table of Design Option window and say Set as Current. 4. Up on opening the Mechanical Window loads the results of selected design point. For this to work; Results of Design Point must be saved before solving.

    • F123rooq

      What if you do not have the 'set as current' button available, because you did not check the 'retain' box before solution, how can you then see the results of each of the design points, just the numbers, not the pictures, because the pictures will only be available for each if you check the 'retain' box.

      Thank you.


      Kind Regards,

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