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Access to the path ‘session_files’ is denied

    • Jaak Kortel

      I have fresh installation of Ansys Workbench (2022 R2). I can start a new project and save it. But later when I try to open it, error messages eppears. So I can not open any of my saved project. What could be the solution for thiskind of error? (I have all admin rights in my PC, so rights issue should not be the problem)

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      What is the PATH to where you are saving your projects?
      What happens if you create a directory named:  C:\test
      Then try to save and then open a project from there?
      Also, what happens if you open Workbench by right-clicking on Workbench and chosing 
      more->run as administrator

      One more thought, do you have a virus scanner active?
      Any logs show virus scanning interferrence?

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