Accessing Cell Variables on moving “velocity-inlet” in a Dynamic Mesh

    • gsabhishek

      I am solving a problem where a molten liquid is filling a cylindrical cavity. The molten liquid has a temperature profile along the radial direction.

      I use dynamic meshed axisymmetric cylinder with the following boundaries,

      1) "bottom" - wall

      2) "radial_surface"- wall + deformable in dynamic mesh

      3) "axis" - axis + deformable in dynamic mesh

      4) "top" - velocity-inlet + UDF in dynamic mesh



         #if !RP_HOST

         Thread *tf = DT_THREAD(dt);

         face_t f;

         Node *v;

         real NV_VEC(vel);


         int n;








                  v = F_NODE(f,tf,n);











         #endif /*!RP_HOST*/


      Here I would like to set a inlet profile for temperature. For that I can add the following

      1) To get the cell thread adjacent to the face,

      Thread *tc = THREAD_T0(tf);

      2)Inside "begin_f_loop(f,tf)", we can get the cell index by

      cell_t c = F_C0(f,tf);

      3) This is where I am stuck as I can neither set C_T(c,tc) or F_T(f,tf). Accessing either gives segmentation fault. How do I proceed here?



    • Karthik R
      Hello I'm not sure I completely understand your question - but can you not use Fluent expressions for defining an Inlet Velocity profile?
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