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    • afshiin.a

      I simulated the ring resonator. I know by changing the gap (between bus waveguide and ring) the notch depth of transmission carve moves up or moves down, but wavelength resonance does not change. 
      Unfortunately, in my simulation, by changing the gap the resonance wavelength change. I think the monitor frequency has not have good accuracy. However, I set the value of point frequency at 50000 in the range of frequency 1480 to 1620 nm.
      How I can increase the accuracy of the monitor to match these carves?



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Your post has at least two questions:

      1: change of the transmission (and dip) with the coupling gap. I think such change is reasonable, since the coupling coefficient changes with gap and wavelength. eg, different wavelength gives different coupling at different gap size.

      2: frequency points in the frequency-domain monitor: from your results, I think you do not need to use more points than 100, since the transmission is very smooth. Or at least there is no need to use 50,000 points or more.

      You can use other method to verify the couping coefficients vs gap and wavelength. eg, only simulate the coupling region and check the S parameters. Please write another post if you have questions for this.

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