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Acessing Energy release rate of Mode I and II in Workbench

    • cheng089413


      I hope you are doing well.

      May I ask how to get the energy release rate in WB for both mode I and II? A mixed cohesive zone model was used and i want  to investigate why a crack was not present at a predefined bonded contace.

      If anyone is interested in the model, you can refer to one of my another posts, describing the model details.

      Thank you in advance for any discussion and help!


    • Lydia
      Ansys Employee

      Dear Eason,

      In order to do that, you have to use APDL commands. Study this carefully

      Hope this helps,




      • cheng089413

        Hi Lydia,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I was modeling the crack using cohesive zone material by debonding the penalty based bonded contact. So the debonding initiated when the energy release rate criteria is met. The link you shared is about the VCCT method which seems not for the case.

        This link i found is  referring to Postprocessing about how to output contact results such as the critical energy release rate, which is of interest.

        I just have no idea how to make it in workbench or visualize in workbench through some other ways. I read it is related to POST 26 or sth. Do you know about this by any chance?

        Thank you!

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