• bolbol
      I'm trying to validate my simulation work by hand and I have very simple question about the converting from ACFM to SCFM.

      Assuming I have a pipe connected to 0.5 bar from a side and the other side is opened to the air and no heating applied.
      If I used a vane anemometer to measure the velocity at the output, then using the continuity equation to calculate the volumetric flow rate and convert the units.

      Now, is the measured value considered as SCFM? (because the outlet is opened to the atmosphere and there are no heating applied)
      Or should I considered it as an ACFM and convert it? (SCFM = CFM * (Pactual (0.5bar)/14.7psi))
    • klu
      Ansys Employee

      From what I understand, the pressure should be a local value. Why would you use 0.5 bar as your actual pressure if the flow rate is not measured there? In addition, the SCFM is defined under certain reference pressure, temperature and relative humidity. There reference values are different among different standards. You might need to select one standard and compare with conditions in your experiments.

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