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ACIS Entity check error in HFSS (RCS Analysis in HFSS)

    • minkwoski1000

      Dear all,

      I am currently working on DRONE RCS simulation in HFSS. Originally, my drone CAD model is an STL CAD file. First, I imported the drone SLT CAD model into SpaceClaim for splitting and healing. In SpaceClaim, I received warnings when I tried converting the large faceted bodies into full geometry. However, I went ahead to make the conversion since I had no option. After conversion to solid, I detached the model into components. Then, I healed the model and exported it into HFSS as '.sat' CAD file. When I validated the .sat CAD model in HFSS, I got several errors such as "ACIS Entity check error" and other ACIS errors. 

      This got me wondering if I should ever import complex SLT CAD files into SpaceClaim since my goal is not 3D printing but RCS analysis in HFSS. I guess the complex SLT CAD model, which has so many faces, could be the cause of the problem. I am not sure about this issue. Therefore, I need help.

      Also, is it better to import the drone model into SpaceClaim as a .dXF file instead of the SLT CAD? I cannot find the original CAD model in .sat or .sab file formats. Therefore, I have to make do with SLT files and convert them to .sat in SpaceClaim.

      I am currently using  ANSYS Electronics desktop 2019 R3 (License from North Carolina State University). I have access to SpaceClaim 19.2.

       I could not upload the drone SLT CAD. However, it can be downloaded from the link:


      Thank you.

      My email: mcezuma@ncsu.edu


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