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Acoustic analysis

    • Surya


      I want to perform a acoustic modal analysis on a 2D area jump geometry (similar to backward facing step) for my student project to determine the eigen frequencies of the geometry. Later I want to extend this simulation by exciting the same geometry with an incident pressure pulse and analyse its response. In Ansys workbench, I found three different components: Harmonic acoustics, Modal acoustics and static acoustics. I am new to workbench and I am unable to differentiate them. Could you please explain the differences among the three mentioned products so that I can choose the correct product for my application?

      Thank you



    • peteroznewman

      Modal acoustics will provide you the eigen frequencies of the fluid geometry.

      Harmonic acoustics is when you have a source with a sinusoidal output. The load is specified as an amplitude of the sinusoid. The analysis sweeps the frequency of the source over a specified range and you can see the amplitude and phase response in any part of the space.

      Transient Structural is needed to see a single pressure pulse travel through the fluid.

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