Acoustic Simulation-sound waves optimization

    • Shreeja_123


      For my thesis regarding drying of particles using sound waves,I have to do simulation in ANSYS. The goal is to input different frequencies(Hz) mostly below 30Hz with different particle velocity inside the dryer model to check which result set gives better energy consumption. Is it possible to give frequency (in Hz or in any other equivalent unit form)as input in acoustic simulation ?. Is this possible to do this type of analysis in acoustic simulation?.

      Thank you in Advance

    • mcoderon
      Ansys Employee
      To solve your question you need to define what is the source of that fluctuation. Is it a speaker (a moving membrane), a fluctuating stream, etc.. Depending on the nature of the source you will have different ways to simulate it. To give some examples, having a moving mesh, or a fluctuating inlet, or a fluctuating mass source.
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