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Acoustic – transmission loss in Helmholtz Resonator with Mean flow effect

    • VigneshS

      I am currently working in effect of internal flow on acoustics (frequency response and transmission loss). I simulated mean flow effect in the muffler, the tutorial provided in ANSYS APDL Acoustic validation file. The result agrees well with the reference solution. 

      Similarly, I tried to simulate the Helmholtz resonator case (geometry file is attached below), the maximum transmission loss frequency is matching for Mach Number 0 (i.e., No mean flow). But the result is not matching for with mean flow effect case.

      I have done a detailed literature study about the mean flow effect in Helmholtz resonator. Both experimental and numerical results prove that 'when the mean flow effect (Mach Number) increases the resonant frequency will change and the maximum transmission loss will decrease'. 

      Where can I find details about adding mean flow effect? Any other tutorial? 

      More details about command:


      how to model mean flow effect in Helmholtz Resonator using APDL-ACT?

      if anyone can explain how to model this case in ANSYS acoustics I will be thankful. 

      For more information about result attached below, please refer " Emel Selamet et al., Effect of Flow on Helmholtz Resonator Acoustics: A Three-Dimensional Computational Study vs. Experiments", SAE International, 2011.


      Comparison of mean flow effect

    • omerfrkunl

      Hi VigneshS

      I am working on the same case with Acoustic ACT and I have the same problem. Any progress your working on? Do you handle the problem? 

    • VigneshS

      No progress

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