Acoustic – Transmission Loss with Air Flow Effect

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      The ANSYS versions I can currently use are 17.0, 18.2, and 2019R2.

      The 17.0 version is Harmonic analysis, and the 18.2 and 2019R2 versions are Harmonic Acoustic analysis. Collectively referred to as Harmonic Acoustic analysis.

      I want to add air flow effects, such as mean flow or non-uniform flow, to Harmonic Acoustic's transmission loss analysis. VigneshS and omerfrkunl have carried out related research. At present, I known that pressure and speed can be calculated by CFD software (using Fluent), and the results are export to a CGNS file. The Harmonic Acoustic analysis module is imported. This analysis method should be non-uniform flow analysis.

      The mean flow analysis should be the same as that used by omerfrkunl, and the Acoustic Mean Flow boundary conditions can be set directly in Harmonic Acoustic.

      However, both types of analysis are currently experiencing difficulties. First, I did not know how to export the CGNS file in the analysis of non-uniform flow.  I tried to export the analysis data, and the results were all wrong text. The mean flow is not find in the boundary setting Acoustic Mean Flow, so I do not know how to set this boundary condition.

      17.0 Setting interface


      18.2 Setting interface


      2019R2 Setting interface

      However, I can't perform transmission loss analysis in the 18.2 version. Both use 17.0 and 2019R2 for transmission loss analysis.




      Thank you for your attention



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