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ACP and Explicit Dynamics

    • bkjones6


      This is my first time using the ACP modeling tool for composites, and I had went through a few online tutorials to familiarize myself with the software. When I attempt to run an explicit dynamic simulation with the composite solid model, it gives me this error:

      "Retrieving Parts Data .....Error! Material with invalid equation of state assigned to surface body."

      I have searched online, but can find no information about the issue, so anything would be helpful.


    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      I am not an expert in ACP but here is the help that I got internally.

      "Only ACP shell models are supported in Explicit Dynamics. Other LS-Dyna may also be an option depending on the application. ACP Solid Models can be exported to LS-Dyna Workbench."

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