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ACP Interlaminar stresses in shell elements and Temperature distribution

    • AchilleasMil


      I want to run a thermal analysis on a sandwich plate with honeycomb core and laminated facesheets, to see how the temperature distributes in every layer and what kind of interlaminar shear stresses it might produce between each layer of the laminated facesheets.
      I have modelled the facesheets as shell elements.

      Is there a possibility to see the temperature distribution in every layer using the ACP feature of Ansys while having shell elements?

      Is there a possibility to do that maybe by having solid elements instead of shells? Untill now when I set the faces as solids and try to open the setup feature in the ACP Pre Tab I get the : Input validation error : there is no data contained in the input mesh file. Although I have alredy meshed my model.

      And after that even in a basic static structural analysis of my model I cannot find how I can plot interlaminar stresses in the ACP-Post Tab? Are there any tutorials on interlaminar stresses? Which stresses excactly can ANSYS compute and how to plot them?
      Because in the solution part in Mechanical of the Static Structural Tab I can only request a shear stress plot based on the planes, but I don't know if that is for interlaminar shear stresses or for each lamina.

      Can you help me?

      Achilleas Milios

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