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ACP (Pre) Parameterize Ply Material

    • Robin Shrestha

      Hello All -

      I am exploring the various optimization strategies available to us within ANSYS for a school project. As part of this project, I am trying to parameterize the ply material for a four-ply laminate.

      I need help parameterizing the ply-fabric material property (I want to swap between Carbon/Epoxy and Eglass/Epoxy for all four plies). I've attached a figure of what I've done to set this up in ACP (Pre). However, all attempts at varying the ply material have failed. I only see integer values for the material property input in the parameter window. 
      I am still determining if I've set this up correctly. Please give me guidance on how to do this.

      Thank you!

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      Make the material property values as parameters in Engineering data. For example, if you are using orthotropic materials, parametrize the modulus, poissons ratio etc

      You can toggle on the boxes in column E to make those values as parameters. 


      See if this helps

      • Robin Shrestha

        Hi Govindan -


        Thank you for your reply. 


        I am unsure if I am implementing your solution correctly, but this is not what I'm after. I plan to design experiments (DOE) to run a subsequent optimization study on this four-ply laminate. So for each of these plies, I want ANSYS to develop a design point that models each plies a Carbonfiber/Epoxy or Eglass/Epoxy (not some mix of the properties of the two).


        If I follow your guidance, I see ANSYS trying to design a set of experiments iterating on the (continuous) mix of orthotropic material properties, which is different from what I want (see screencap).


        Can you provide additional guidance?


        Thank you,



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