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ACT Workbench Automation Multiple Analyses

    • m.vp2209


      I am trying to automate a workflow in Workbench and would be grateful for some ideas.

      At the moment my simulation solves several transient thermal analyses, in which the solution temperature distrubution of an analysis A is imported an initial condition for the next B analysis. The geometry is not the same and therefore I am importing the initial temperature condition via an external data block in WB.

      This process is very tedious to do manually and I have managed to create a button using ACT Scriptting in Mechanical to export my temeprature profiles to txt files. But now I have to press the button manually everytime the solution is obtained. Is there a way to make Mechanical export the data directly without me pressing a button?

      Then for the other task, which is creating and setting up the external data files I have also created a scrip using ACT. I wrote my python script and then make WB read it. This means that I have to read my scrip everytime an analysis is finishes and I want this operation to be performed.

      Is there a way of making workbench solve my mechanical system A, save the results to txt (without me pressing a button) and directly creating the external data for mechanical system B?

      To this, is there a way to "enter" mechanical via the python scripting of WB? So I could develop a code that first saves the txt files in system A and directly generates the external data block and imports loads into system B.

      Thanks in advance!

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      Below is something that might be of help using Workbench scripting and calling Mechanical from there.


      All the best




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