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Actuator Disk Simulations


    • k1739282


      I would like a tutorial showing the implementation of an actuator disk as a simplified engine. This engine position is not critical as long as it shows the interaction with the body of the aircraft. I believe that a 2D simulation is sufficient enough to understand how ANSYS actuator disk works. The data obtained can be thrust or power used to propel the aircraft.

      I suggest hypothetical conditions of 10m/s inlet air velocity and a 200 pascal of constant pressure jump across the line representing the actuator disk.


    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Please refer to the Fluent's Virtual Blade model : 36.1. Introduction (ansys.com)
      Here is a validation example : 36.9. Validation Examples (ansys.com)
      This is Ansys Fluent 2022R1 and these are beta features.
    • gzilo1995
      i would like to ask if i can have access to VBM files as a master student. I am using the student version and i do not have access to the customers portal. Thank you in advance.
    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      The links should open if you launch Help from within the solver first.
    • Tighernan Shaffrey

      I am also trying to do this. I can not find any information on it. Can you advise me


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