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Adaptive Sizing

    • balias

      Hi Experts

      What is happening in the meshing process when we say "Yes" to adaptive sizing or "No" to adaptive sizing?

      I can see a whole bunch of options dropping down for both cases, but couldn't really understand what's really happening when we say YES or NO?

      Note: I am only interested in structural problems, no CFD.


    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee

      Hi balias,

      Please refer to this link to get an idea about Adaptive sizing: Adaptive Sizing (



    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello balias,

      For add on information:

      When Use Adaptive Sizing is set to Yes, the mesher uses the value of the element size property to determine a starting point for the mesh size. The value of the element size property can be set by the user or automatically computed using set defaults.

      When you set it no, you will get couple of new controls like capture curvature/ capture proximity to control your mesh (Uniform, Curvature, Proximity, or Proximity and Curvature Sizing (


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