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Add Dwell waiting time in ANSYS DED process Workbench 2022 R2

    • mra91

      ANSYS DED process DWELL time for each layer.
      I am trying to add dwell waiting time for each layer in DED process in Workbench 2022 R2. I have added the G4 command with multiple syntaxes (attached) but it seems that it is not being read and applied by the software. I also cchecked the dwell time to yes and selected the commands to be G4, G04 on the software (attached). The simulation is run but the final results is the same as running without the dwell time (the total time is the same). I would appreciate it if you can tell me how we can set waiting dwell time for each layer.



    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I am not sure how to interpret your GCODE definition of dwell time.  Since it seems to be ignored, try as alternative, defining dwell time via AMBUILD command, in a command object under the environment branch.


      Where 'val1' is your intended inter-ayer dwell time.

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