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Add material simulation not converged, Additive Wizard

    • s_safiza


      I am doing additive manufactuing simulation using additve wizard. I added a new material into Enginneering data sources in Additive Manufacturing materials section and I made sure I included all of required information. The problem is the simulation that I do with the imported material will not converge in static structural part! But when I do the exact same simulation with IN718 ( from the material library) the simulation converges and there is no problem. I checked the material propertices multiple times to make sure I inclued all the infomation but still the simulation in not converged. Would please give me some advices to solve this problem?

      I inclued screenshots of the solution information part here. 


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I would look at the two 'solve.out' txt files from each run, side by side and do same for the 'ds.dat' files.  You can find these files in the working directory of each run.  From your description, something is obviously different.

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