Add properties to discrete elements which are part of a line (acting as momentum sink)

    • mspranavmn


      I am a newbie and am trying to learn the Actuator disk model (ADM) and Actuator line model (ALM) for the wind turbine.

      I started learning about actuator line modes and wanted to know how to design an actuator line in CFX. 

      If someone can suggest papers or a tutorial of some kind it would be really helpful. I designed an actuator disk based on the thrust criteria and the porosity and momentum deficit. 

      Basically, my questions are as follows, 

      1. How can you create multiple continuous lines that are made up of discrete elements or segments?
      2. How do I define properties such as chord length, twist angle and airfoil type to each element?
      3. Is there a tutorial or a paper on designing and meshing of the domain for Actuator line model?

      4. Each airfoil type has a corresponding look-up table with lift and drag coefficients as a function of the angle of attack, how do I add those in the CFX-pre. I tried using the pointe source technique but it does not allow me to add momentum source properties.
      5. How to implement them in ANSYS CFX?

      Any or all help is very well appreciated, 

      Thank you all.

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