Added mass

    • Aske Alstrup

      Hello Ansys forum


      I am in the process of writing my bachelor thesis about an underwater drone controlsystem. I doing so I am trying to make a model for the drone, in this model i need the added mass of the drone when it is completly submerged in water. 


      So my question is if anyone knows if you can get the added mass from the ansys fluent program and if it is possible, a guide to get it.


      Kind Regards. Aske

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'd expect that to be an input to the 6DOF part of the model. If you meshed the whole drone (inards and all) and added all of the bits and pieces inside you can report the volumes and masses of those volumes. Otherwise, if you know the volume of the outer domain without the drone you can compare that to the volume reported in Fluent. 

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