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General Mechanical

Adding a new hyperelastic material in ANSYS Workbench Library

    • Abdulsalam

      I want to add PDMS Slygrd 184 in my ANSYS workbench Material library manually. What are the main properties of the material I need to add so that when I perform various analysis on ANSYS then I can get the correct results and compare it with my experimental result . I have the experimental result of uniaxial test can I use it and then use any of the hyperelastic models like Ogden model to get the other properties of the PDMS. Will this be enough or do i need to go for more properties.

      If i need to look more properties than which are those?

      or let say Is using the hyperelastic models only is enough to define my PDMS Slygrd 184 properties ? 

      I have attached a photo of my work for your reference. what I have done in the photo that I just add the constants of Mooney Riviln model  . please I need your help As soon as possible 


      Thank you so much In advance. 

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