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adding axial load to a column in Autodyn

    • Ahmed Taher

      I am having a small issue in autodyn in which, i am trying to apply an axial load on a column, but i can't figure how to.. the thing is, i went to "boundaries" and found that there is "force" option to choose. but when entering the value of the force it doesn't show its unit. am I correct in going to boundaries tap? is so, how do I know the unit of the force to be applied?

    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ahmed,

      Ideally the solver will display units, mostly the default units are set to Metric(mm, kg, N, s, mV, mA). 

      If you see something different apart from this pictures above, kindly share the screenshot with us. 

      Force (



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      • Ahmed Taher

        Thank you for your response Nanda,
        I am using Autodyn not workbench, so the interface isn't the same. However, I tried and figured out the units which were set in the start of the model (mm, ms, mg).
        But now, I am having another question in workbench, I did my analysis in Autodyn (a charge that was detondated, and it did damage on the specimen which was a column. My question is, this analsysis that I did on Autodyn, can I get those analysis to workbench (deformed and damaged column after X cycles) and apply axial load on them?
        in other word, I want to damaged column to be exported or transferred to workbench in order to apply axial load on it. is there a way for this?

        Thank you,

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