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Adding CAST-Command into Workbench GUI

    • TimH

      Dear Community,

      since a while now I am trying to input an APDL-Command called CAST into the Workbench GUI. I have model respecting geometric- and material non-linearities in which would like to model the different mechanical responses of concrete in tension and compression. The Cast-Command seemed to be appropriate to do so. The results given while using the Command shown in figure A) seem to be allright but although the model is being loaded by a ramped displacement the solver gets heavy convergence problems which leads the solver to stop the calculation at a certain point. It seems the solver stops whenever the last defined data points in the stress-strain curve has been reached. To overcome this issue I tried to add another stress-strain point into the Command which shows high strains but the same stress (which is the ultimate strength). The modified Command can be seen in fugure B). Unfortunately that didn't help, even not by setting more Stress-Strain-Points with or without a slight slope in the end of the Stress-Strain-Curve. See attached a .wbpz-file of my model.

      It would be awesome if anyone could share her/his experiences as I am suffering from that issue since ages and it seems like no one can help.


    • peteroznewman


      Look at the abstract for the talk by some ANSYS materials developers given at the conference last week.  It seems very relevant to your interest in concrete and seems to support different damage development in tension and compression.

      I will try to get a working example from the author and post it on the Student Community site.



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