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General Mechanical

Additive Print Results displaying different information for same simulation

    • egarcia9412

      Why the does same part and simulation output results with different displacement in different files? What am I missing?

      Please see attached. The first (top) image is the result of the "Layerwise VTK" file. The second (bottom) image is the result of the "After Cutoff Displacement" file. Both images are showing displacement with respect to the z-axis. Both show different results.

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      I might not be understanding your question, but isn't the first plot the On-Plate displacement (prior to being cutoff from base plate)? That might explain the difference. nIt is possible to create a series of Layerwise .vtk files to show voxelized representation of part layer by layer during the build, but you have to ask for these files prior to starting the run. nThere is a Table entitles Output Files in the Additive User's Guide available online that lists all the available results files and what they contain.n
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